Achieve Progesterone Hormone Balance

Remember how you felt to have balanced hormones? The information on this page will help you understand what you can do to restore hormone balance.

Balanced hormone levels will help improve the body’s energy, quality in sleep and wake-up periods, where you feel rested. Your body’s hormone balance improves libido, clearer thinking, improved metabolism including  weight management. Hormone imbalance will most likely affect every bodily function adversely.

Hormone imbalance affects both men and women. As we age, our body’s ability to maintain hormone balance may be inhibited. This condition can present unpleasant effects, disrupting quality of life.

About The Progesterone Hormone

According to John Lee, M.D., a woman’s progesterone hormone level will be lower than required from the ages 35 to 50 and up. Therefore, natural progesterone should supplemented. This can be safely and effectively applied by using a Pharmaceutical Grade topical formula.

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Test Your Hormone Levels Painlessly

Medical science advancement for testing hormones enables a painless and accurate test of hormone levels in the body. This is simply done through a saliva collection method, where the specimen is shipped to the laboratory for testing, and your test results can be securely and easily examined online.

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Natural Progesterone Product Resource

Renowned researcher, John Lee, M.D. has clearly recommended the prefered formula ingredients for women who choose a topical cream with the proper natural progesterone volume per use. Here you can source this prefered formula with authentic USP (U.S. Pharmaceutical) grade Natural Progesterone.

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